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There are a few things that make Betprepare stand out when compared to similar websites. One of them is definitely standard time at which we publish the tips, which allows the subscribers to plan and act more easily. Every tip comes with an elaboration, which allows the users to make even better-quality decisions and judgments. And finally, all the tips we publish can be found with those bookmakers that allow high limits and are, as a rule, available with multiple bookmakers.

E-main tip announcement

Most tips are published between 11:00 and 12:30 CET. All of our subscribers get a notification announcing the tip on their e-mail address 20 minutes before it is published. That is how we want to make sure that punters get enough time to bet on the suggested tips and to prevent loss of profit due to margin and odds changes.

Detailed Explanation

Every tip comes with an elaboration through which users get not only a typical recommendation on what to bet on but also an insight into arguments on which the tipster based the tip. That can be helpful for a better understanding of the bet and choosing other betting options (in case the margin/odds get changed, that elaboration can help you come up with an alternative option), live bets and finally, for own future bets.

High Limits

In order for the profits published on the website to be as realistic in practice as possible, the standards for tips are set high. Most of them (95 percent) are available with at least a few reputable bookmakers with limits that surpass the calculations of 50 € per unit.