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How do I register for the betprepare.com website?

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In order to sign up for the betprepare.com website you need to fill out the registration form. Once you enter the registration information, a hyperlink will be sent to the e-mail address you provided in your registration form which will verify your e-mail address and activate your user account. This will complete your registration procedure and you can log in on the website using your e-mail address and password (by clicking the "Log in" button in the upper right corner of the webpage).

I have registered to your website but I still haven't received the e-mail for the activation of my account?

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Are you sure that you entered the right e-mail address on registration? There is a chance that the e-mail with the e-mail address verification/account activation was recognized as spam. Look for it in the spam mailbox. Any case, you can contact us through the contact form and your user account will be activated.

I want to change my email address (login).

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Please sent us an e-main through the contact form and state that you want to change the e-mail address. Don't forget to send us your new e-mail address as well.

I have lost my password.

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Write to us through the contact form using the e-mail address which is your usename and send your new password.

Terms of use and privacy policy.

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How do subscriptions work?

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Buying a subscription will get you full access to all the content on betprepare.com . In order to access all the content, go to our home page and log in using you r username and password. There is not a possibility of receiving e-mails or text messages with the website content (tips, parlays, etc…).

How can I pay for the subscription?

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Regardless of where you pay from you can pay via credit cards, via Moneybookers (Skrill) system, or via bank transfer. If you pay for your subscription via bank transfer you will need to input the IBAN and SWIFT code that are visible only when you choose this payment method. In case this information was not visible to you during the purchase of the subscription you can see them here:

Account number: 2100241197
IBAN code: HR0223600001101607606
Swift code: ZABA HR 2X
Bank: Zagrebačka banka, Paromlinska 2, HR-10000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

You can use the IBAN and SWIFT codes make a direct payment to our account from one of your local bank offices.

I paid for my subscription through a bank transaction but I do not have the access to the Website's full content?

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If you paid for your subscription through an offline invoice and you still don't have the full Website access (your subscription hasn't been activated), it is possible that we still haven't received the transaction confirmation from the bank. The system automatically activates the subscription upon receiving the transaction confirmation, and such information usually gets through the day after the transaction has been made. If you want your subscription to be activated immediately, you can send us a payment confirmation (e-banking screenshot, or a scanned image of the bank transfer) via e-mail

I would like to access my user profile from several IP addresses, e.g. work, home, cellphone. Will I lose my right to use the website because of this?

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The provisions in the General Terms for betprepare.com which state that the users can access the betpreparre.com website only from a single IP address per day serves only to prevent the abuse of the user accounts. The case in which a user would access the website from home, work and sometimes from their smartphone would not be sanctioned, provided that they do not let other persons use their account. Only when it is determined that the user abused their account or shared it with several persons will they be banned from accessing the content on the website.

When exactly does my subscription become valid?

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Your subscription becomes valid the day you activate it and that day is considered to be the first day of your subscription. If you purchase a daily subscrption, it will be valid until the end of the current day, not 24 hours after the activation.

I've extended my subscription before the previous one has expired, but the date until which my subscription is valid has not changed?

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If you buy a subsription while the previous one is still valid, the new one will be activated in the system only after the existing one expires.

Is there a possibility to buy subscriptions for a specific tipster or sport only?

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It is only possible to buy a unique subscription which includes the entire website content.


Tips details.

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Tipster – Our associate who writes the tip. By clicking his name you get to see all his tips so far as well as his personal stats (the latter will be shown after the tipster reaches a certain number of predictions).
Odds – Odds our associate suggests for this wager
Stake – A stake our associate suggests for this wager. The scale of stakes is from 1 to 10. The wagers our associate considers to be more "valuable" and safer come with a higher number.
Min. odds – Minimal odds at which a wager has value, according to our tipster.
The last margin with value – The last margin which, according to our tipster, has value.
Bookmaker – Bookmaker which has this wager at these odds

What is ROI?

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ROI is the return of the overall invested capital, a benchmark for profitability of the invested capital. It is calculated by dividing the number showing return (in the brackets) with the overall invested capital and multiplying that number by 100. The final result is shown in ROI percentage, that is, the overall average percent income per each wager.

How many tips do you publish per day?

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The number of tips that get published per day is not always the same as it depends on the offers from the book makers, sports, leagues being played etc. The bigger the offer, the bigger the number of high quality tips.