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Article 1.

These General Terms define the usage of all web pages that the website betprepare.com consists of, the contents of which are prepared by Toma-soft ltd. ("Company"), available on the web address www.betprepare.com ("Website"), and the mutual rights and commitments with regards to usage of services and other contents available on the Website ("Services").

These Terms apply to all Users of the Website. By accessing and using this Website, you agree to have familiarized yourself with its contents and that you fully understand and accept your rights and obligations regarding the use of Services. In case you do not accept any of the Terms please refrain from using the Website.

Article 2.

The Company is constantly trying to improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of the Services.

The Company is not in any way liable for any inconvenience or damages that may arise from potentially inaccurate, incomplete or in any other way inappropriate Website services.

The Company does not guarantee the accuracy of information and other Services of this Website. The information regarding previews, tips, stats, odds, results and their offers, as well as other information shown on the Website are informative and non-binding in any respect. The information are published in good faith and obtained from the media as well as other reliable publicly accessible sources of information.

Users will be appropriately notified of any special terms that may also apply to the use of particular Services.

Article 3.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally revise and amend these Terms at any time without prior notice, of which the Users will be informed in time by an appropriate notification on the Website. It is your obligation to read the Terms from time to time so that you are familiar with any possible amendments. By using this Website, prior or following the amendment of these Terms, you agree to be familiar with their contents and to fully understand and accept these Terms. In addition, we reserve the right to unilaterally change the contents, appearance and the location of the Website in any way, at any given time and without prior notice. We are not in any way liable for any damages that may arise to Users or third parties due to amendments described in this article.

Article 4.

Every person that uses the pages of this Website, either free pages or pages available to subscribers is regarded as the User.

The User is every natural person that is of legal age and has legal personality, or a business entity - legal person, natural person that performs a registered business activity ,or a self-employed person ("Business Entity").

"IP" address is a unique numerical label assigned to a computer on the Internet.

Article 5.

The Website's offer consists of providing information regarding previews, tips, stats, odds, and results.

The Website's Users have basic services and subscriptions at their disposal.

Basic services
Article 6.

The basic services are fundamental, free services which allow the Users to use and consume all functions the Website has to offer that are not labeled as chargeable services, the usage of which is not time-limited.

A basic service is every service that is available to the User regardless whether he is subscribed to it or not.

Subscriber services
Article 7.

Subscriber services are chargeable services obtained through registration and the subscriber gains access to information regarding previews, tips, stats, odds, and results that other visitors of the website (basic users) are not entitled to.

The company reserves the right to decide on the extent of services available to both basic Users and subscribers.

Article 8.

The Users can only register with their actual first and last name.

If the User is a business entity it can register only with the actual first and last name of the rights holder of the entity in question.

The User - a natural person can only use one user account. All persons within a business entity that want to access subscriber contents must each have a different user account, and each person within an entity that wants to access the subscriber contents must have a valid subscription that the entity can pay for on their behalf and at their own expense. Otherwise the Company may discontinue the subscription without refund, based on loose estimate and without further explanation or evidence.

Article 9.

The Company reserves the right to limit access to the Website from only one "IP" address per day to each/all Users.

The Company reserves the right to discontinue or withhold the usage of the user account and/or one or more services that the User is registered for without further notice and/or explanation.

Once a subscription is paid for it cannot be cancelled or refunded.

The Company has no liability for the damages caused by the discontinuation of a user account and/or one or more services that the User is registered for.

With regard to these Terms, only a person of legal age and legal personality that has filled out the electronic registration form when entering the Website can become a Registered User and is in this respected considered to agree with the Terms regarding the Company's subscription.

Article 10.

In order to register, each Registered User must be familiar with these Terms, including the rules for registration; complete the registration; enter the full, correct and actual data; and choose a user name and password. Upon registration, each User shall be given his or her own user profile.

User names with inappropriate, offensive, or vulgar names or terms will not be allowed. Such user names, i.e. profiles, will be deleted without prior notice. The Company has no liability over protection and preservation of passwords and the security of user profiles, but this is exclusively the responsibility of the Registered Users.

User registration is possible only by agreeing to these terms and agreeing to collecting, processing and using personal information in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of these Terms regarding the Privacy protection.

Article 11.

All Users must protect their user profile information and are responsible for any damages that they may cause or suffer through their own actions, or that other Users and/or third parties may cause or suffer due to unauthorized access and/or use, or other forms of abuse of their user profile. Users' liability for possible infringements and/or damages caused during their time as a registered user does not end once their registration is terminated.

In case of unauthorized access and/or usage or some other form of abuse of their profile, the users are obliged to immediately notify the Company. The liability for possible infringements committed and/or damages caused during the course of their registration does not end with the termination of registration.

By registering , the Users agree to receive releases, notifications, ads, messages and other forms of communication sent by the Company, regardless of their nature (normative, informative, commercial, etc.), intended for the Users of the Website especially regarding administration or their use of Services.

Article 12.

The subscription price list is an integral part of these Terms and the Company is obliged to publish it on the Website.

Chargeable services can be paid for via:
Estimates/invoices, Credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners; or Moneybookers.com online payment system.

All transactions, authorizations and credit card charges are possible only through the website moneybookers.com and the credit cards supported by moneybookers.com in accordance with their terms. The Company has no liability whatsoever over all transactions and the protection of personal information as well as their authorization. When paying for subscriptions via credit card through the moneybookers.com website, the User fully accepts the terms stated on that Website. For every transaction the company issues an invoice that is available online through user profiles.

Article 13.

The Website can contain links to other websites as well as third party websites ("Links"). Links will always be highlighted when the method of their notification and/or usage permits it.

Publishing Links on the Website does not mean that we approve, recommend, promote or in any other way support information, allegations, facts, attitudes, opinions or conclusions expressed therein.

We do not control or supervise the contents available through Links and thus we cannot guarantee their accuracy, verity, sources, contents or availability. In addition, we have no liability for any damages that may arise due to publication, removal or usage of any Links, that is, by trusting any contents available through Links.

Article 14.

The Services available on the Website in any form, especially texts, photos, pictures, drawings, diagrams, charts, audio and visual materials etc. are protected by the copyright law and other intellectual property rights in accordance with the applicable laws.

All Users are responsible for their use of and possible infringements and/or abuse of the copyright law and other intellectual property rights with regard to Services, in accordance with the applicable legislations and these Terms.

It is strictly forbidden without Company's prior written consent to commercially:

  • download, reproduce, copy, distribute, rent, give use of, submit to unauthorized third parties or broader audience, or in any other way use the Services and/or contents of the Website;
  • change, adapt, process, translate or produce works derived from any of the Services and/or Website contents.

Article 15.

Personal information are considered to be any kind of information that refer to an identified person, i.e. a person that can be directly or indirectly identified, especially based on of the features of his or her physical, psychological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity (e.g. first and last name, place of residence, phone number, e-mail address etc.).

The Company will collect, process and use the Users' personal data on the Website in accordance with the terms regarding privacy protection. The main goal of collecting the Users' personal information is to provide Services and improve the quality of Services, develop and focus the actions of the Website on the needs and interests of the Users, inform the Users of new and existing Services, that is, other information and services that they might find interesting etc.

Types of personal information
Article 16.

Types of information that the Company may collect regarding User registration and certain services are: first and last name, national identification number, address, e-mail address, phone number, gender, date of birth, photos, videos, texts, bank account numbers.

Methods and purpose of collecting and using personal information
Article 17.

User's personal information are processed only with their free and explicit consent agreeing that their personal information are processed for purposes related to their usage of the Services. The Users' consent for collecting and processing their personal information for specific purposes will be asked for in the course of registration on the Website.

User's personal information will be used to provide the Services to the Users, to address the inquiries of various Users regarding the usage of Services, and to inform the Users of new and existing Services, materials, functions, contents and other offers that might be interesting to them, in order to improve the quality of Services and Website.

All gathered information are stored electronically and appropriate measures and actions are taken in order to prevent unauthorized access to these information, to maintain a level of security of personal information, enable their timely updates and deletion, and to ensure proper use of online gathered information.

Disclosing and delivering personal information to third parties
Article 18.

User's personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without the Users' explicit consent, except when required by law. Personal information in particular will not be disclosed, i.e. delivered to third parties outside the Republic of Croatia without the explicit consent, except when required by law.

We may disclose personal information delivered to us by the Users to affiliated companies and/or partners when necessary for maintenance, managing and performing a certain activity, of which our Users will be duly and appropriately notified. In such cases we will make sure that our partners and/or affiliated companies are responsible for protection and preservation of personal information to the same extent as guaranteed by these Terms.

Collecting and processing personal information by other Users or third parties
Article 19.

The Website may contain Links to third party web pages through which other Users or third parties may gain access, with or without authorization, to Users' personal information. These Terms do not apply to collecting, processing and using personal information that you may disclose to other Users and/or third parties. It is in the best interest of the Users to familiarize themselves with rules for protection of personal information and privacy protection exercised by other Users and/or third parties. Since we have no control over information provided by the Users when accessing or using third party interactive content, Links or web pages, or in other cases in which the Users disclose their personal information to other Users and/or third parties, we are in no way liable for the damages that the Users and/or third parties may suffer due to disclosure of personal information during their visit to the Website.

Change or delete personal information
Article 20.

In accordance with the applicable legislation, every user has a right to request all or some of their personal information to be modified and/or deleted. The modification or deletion will be executed based on the appropriate notification from the Registered User via contact address available on the Website.

Article 21.

Services, Links and/or potential other materials, services, functions and information available on the Website are provided "as is"; therefore the Company is not liable for possible consequences, including the damages caused by the Users or third parties which may arise from their interpretation, usage etc.

The Company does not guarantee explicitly or implicitly that the Website, Services, Interactive Content, Links and/or possible other materials, services functions or information will always be available and that they will not contain errors, worms, or other computer programs that may cause damage to the Users or third parties. All Users explicitly agree to use the Website, Services, Interactive Content, Links and/or possible other materials, services, functions or information available on the Website at their own risk.

Article 22.

We are in no way liable for the damages that the Users and/or third parties may cause and/or suffer in when accessing the Website, especially when using or abusing the Services, Interactive Content, Links, Forbidden Content and/or possible other materials/services, functions or information available on the Website, especially when caused by their damage or loss, as well as due to improper, wrong, or unauthorized usage.

We are in no way liable for the damages that the Users and/or third parties may cause and/or suffer when accessing third party web pages available through Links posted on the Website, regarding the use or abuse of information, functions, services and other content available through those third party web pages.

We are in no way liable for any damages that the Users and/or third parties may suffer due to changes of these Terms, possible special terms of use for particular pages within the Website, and the appearance and content of the Website, including removal of particular Services, Interactive Content, Links, Protected Content, or Forbidden Content and/or possible other materials, services, functions and information of for user profiles or the Website in general.

We are in no way liable for any damages that the Users and/or third parties may suffer due to temporary unavailability of the Website, that is, their temporary inability to access particular web pages, Services, Interactive Content, Links and/or possible other materials, services, functions and information, or specific user profiles or information within the Website.

Article 23.

These General Terms apply from 11th October 2011 on and are valid until new Terms are posted.