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Several hundred tips per month is the basic content you get through a subscription to betprepare.com. The tips are based on previews and statistical comparison and represent the subjective take of our experts on objective information from the previews written for the dvoznak.com website. Considering their success rate can be measured, their value is clearly reflected in the results they achieved.

Betprepare.com's tipsters write tips for leagues and competitions they have specialized in and the events that they wrote previews for. This enables us to ensure the necessary quality and guarantee the credibility of everything that has been written. We believe that good betting results can only be achieved through meticulous approach and specialization. A casual approach can be very costly in this line of work.

Each tipster's results and the archive of their previous tips are publicly accessible and visible to all users. You can choose your own methods for betting/following previews based on this. Most tips are published between 11:00 and 11:45. The e-mail notifications about new tips/parlays will be sent for all tips posted before 11:00 and after 12:00.


The parlay section was introduced one year after the website was launched. These bets consist of several tips with lower odds that are combined to give the value to the overall bet.

This service does not just recommend you who to bet on but it goes even a step further. The website's IT team has developed an application which connects tips based on several preset parameters (recommended stake, available odds…). The result of this is a parlay betting ticket with recommended stakes and the bookmaker with the best odds.

The option of receiving e-mail notifications regarding parlays published outside the standard time is activated with that for the tips.

Live Tips

Live tips are a new product brought to you by betprepare.com . They are not the usual live tips that will be published during the games/matches but rather pre-match tips from the bookmakers' live segment. The bookmakers offer a bigger number and more versatile betting choices with higher limits and more stable margins/odds just before the games under that live segment. Years of experience have proven that those kinds of tips are more lucrative in the long-term, which is why we think our subscribers can only profit off of them.

When the tips get published like they normally do, each tip that is expected to have a live tip later on will come with a notification saying that the live tip will be published just before the start of the game/match, when the bookmakers publish their offer (we will use bet365's offer as a reference point). If the set margins/odds match those our tipsters based their tips on, the tip will be published on the website with an appropriate stake and explanation.

If the margins set are not good enough for us to go with them, the match in question will come with a piece of information saying that due to the new circumstances we decided to pass up on that bet. At the same time, the subscribers will have access to the text that was initially written, which can allow them to understand and follow the game/match more easily and potentially help them to come up with their own bets during the game.