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Affiliate program

Our partners advertise betprepare.com and are paid for that by the number of users that subscribe to the betprepare.com contents. Advertise betprepare.com and make some money!

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More info

Advertise betprepare.com and make some money!

If you have a website, especially related to sports or betting, you have a chance to join the betprepare.com affiliate program. Our partners advertise betprepare.com and are paid for that by the number of users that subscribe to the betprepare.com contents after finding out about our website through the adverts of our affiliates.

How to join the program?

It is very easy - you simply fill out the application form on this website. After your application has been reviewed you will be contacted and instructed how to access our administrator interface for affiliates very soon. In this interface you can choose the ads to place on your website.

How do I count the earnings, how much money can I make?

When a user clicks the advertisement on your website and comes to betprepare.com, their computer (to be more precise, their browser) notes that their first arrival to betprepare.com was from your website. If this user becomes a registered user of our website within 30 days from his first arrival then you as a partner are entitled to a commission of the subscriptions he purchases from betprepare.com. Not just from his first subscription, but from all future subscriptions that this user purchases on betprepare.com!

Transactions include all types of subscriptions and the standard commission is 15% for all subscriptions. This is the total amount, which includes VAT (if our affiliate is registered in the VAT system).

It should be noted that your incomes are expected to grow over time as one can expect that the subscribers that came through you will keep on buying the subscriptions and your website will attract more new subscribers!

Through the administrator interface for affiliates you can at any given moment access the stats which show you the number of visits from your website at a certain period, the number of users registered through you, and the specific transactions they made.

How is the payment conducted?

A payment calculation is done on a monthly basis, and the provisions are paid out if the partner's provisions exceed 40 euros (300 kunas). If not, the amount is moved into the calculation for the next month. The affiliate will issue an invoice and the transaction will be done within the following 30 days. Since our country's legislation stipulates that our payments are calculated in kunas, an invoice will be made out in kunas and converted into euros according to the HNB's (Croatian National Bank) middle exchange rate for the date of the invoice.

The payment is done through a bank account transaction, or through Skrill (Moneybookers). The partner bears the cost of any possible international transaction fees.

Do you have any additional questions?

For any additional questions feel free to contact us.

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